Bethel Park’s AC Installation Specialists

If you need an AC replacement in Bethel Park, PA, it’s worth it to spend some time exploring all of the different options that are out there. Recent advancements in AC systems have led to more efficient systems that offer more added features, like noise reduction technology, smart technology compatibility and even built-in diagnostics. Newer models tend to operate more quietly, and some even have built-in filtration systems that get rid of any allergens that may be in the air.

Here, at Absolute Air, we take pride in offering exemplary air conditioning installation in Bethel Park. We can help you find the right AC type. Popular options include central AC systems, mini-split ductless units and window units. Central AC systems require custom ductwork, so they are a bit more difficult and expensive to install. However, they can easily cool down the entire home. On the other hand, mini-split ductless units comprise of two components that are connected with power cables and communication cables. They cool down set zones, and are easy to install, repair and maintain. Call us for a reliable cooling installation today!