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Indoor Air Quality McMurray, PA

Absolute Air is a premier HVAC company providing comprehensive solutions for indoor air quality in McMurray, PA. IAQ testing gives you essential information on many symptoms experienced by home or office occupants. There are several consequences to leaving poor air quality unattended. On the other hand, regular testing arms you with the information needed to handle a host of issues. IAQ testing can tell you if you have a high level of volatile organic compounds, also called VOCs, pet dander, dust, biological pollutants, lead, asbestos, particulates, and pesticides, among many other harmful materials. Additionally, indoor moisture or excessive dryness can bring on other health issues and damage your home and belongings.

Air purifiers, scrubbers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV lights, and ventilation systems are all possible tools that you can use in the fight for cleaner indoor air. You can trust our team of experienced indoor air quality experts in McMurray to help you find and install the right solution for you.

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Our McMurray HVAC Services

We provide a diverse range of HVAC services in McMurray. When you need assistance with any of the following, reach out to us. We’re here to assist with:

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Expert IAQ Testing in McMurray

Before we arrive on the scene, there are many ways to tell whether you have poor indoor air quality. Do you smell musty odors in various areas of your home? Does your skin feel clammy when you walk into certain rooms or throughout your home? Dry air can also cause health issues and damage to your furniture and other belongings. Fortunately, we have advanced equipment that can measure the amount of moisture and pollutant levels in your home or office. After we complete our IAQ testing, our technicians write a detailed report letting you know what we found. Using this information, we can set you up with the right indoor air quality solution. For example, you may need to remove excess radon or carbon dioxide from your home. Perhaps you aren’t getting proper ventilation and would benefit from a whole home ventilation system to continuously cycle in fresh air from outside. We’ll get to the bottom of your major indoor air quality problems and offer proactive solutions so that you can breathe a little easier.

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What are the Benefits of IAQ Testing:

  • Fewer allergens such as pet dander
  • Potential reduction in asthma attacks
  • Lower levels of harmful VOCs
  • Lower utility bills
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Whole Home UV Lights in McMurray

UV lights can kill many of the contaminants that pollute your indoor air. It’s important to do everything you can to maintain sanitary conditions in your home. That’s especially true if you have customers or family members with respiratory illnesses. Germ-killing UV lights installed in your HVAC system provide a number of benefits. For example, they clean your coils, which can improve performance and the useful lifetime of your heating and cooling system. Additionally, you can avoid frequent maintenance in your ductwork by scrubbing out mold, mildew and contaminants that can build up on the surface of vents and circulate throughout your home. After we perform IAQ testing and thoroughly inspect your home, our technicians will provide recommendations that may include installation of a specific size, brand and model of UV lights. If you choice to move forward, our team will install the UV lights quickly and efficiently and clean up the work area before we go.

Why you should install UV lights:

  • Cleans AC coils
  • Kills germs before air circulates through your property
  • May increase HVAC system performance
  • Eliminates mold and mildew
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You don’t have to suffer from mild or severe respiratory conditions caused by poor indoor air quality. Starting with IAQ testing, our team will provide the right products to reduce the growth of mold and the prevalence of dangerous contaminants in your McMurray home. We only hire experienced technicians and then provide training on top makes and models we know and trust. From humidifiers and dehumidifiers to air scrubbers and other products, our indoor air quality services can improve the health of everyone who spends significant time at your home or business. Our team wants to make sure that you understand the risk of leaving indoor air quality problems unresolved. We have three decades of experience and stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose!

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