Absolute Air is a premier HVAC company providing comprehensive solutions for indoor air quality in McMurray, PA. IAQ testing gives you essential information on many symptoms experienced by home or office occupants. There are several consequences to leaving poor air quality unattended. On the other hand, regular testing arms you with the information needed to handle a host of issues. IAQ testing can tell you if you have a high level of volatile organic compounds, also called VOCs, pet dander, dust, biological pollutants, lead, asbestos, particulates, and pesticides, among many other harmful materials. Additionally, indoor moisture or excessive dryness can bring on other health issues and damage your home and belongings.

Air purifiers, scrubbers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV lights, and ventilation systems are all possible tools that you can use in the fight for cleaner indoor air. You can trust our team of experienced indoor air quality experts in McMurray to help you find and install the right solution for you.

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